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Today is the first day of spring!

My windows would be open (LOVE living in Florida!) but there is a house being built right next door = lots of noise that can be somewhat muffled by the doors/windows being closed.

In honor of this spring day, here is a super cute idea for dressing up your front door.

All of these beautiful wreaths are from Itz Fitz‘s shop.
{Handmade yarn wreaths, napkin rings, brooches & more! Handmade goodness made of felt, yarn and happiness for you to enjoy!}

Now I am a do-it-yourself kind of lady and crafty type projects tend to be a stress releaser for me, so I really enjoy looking for sweet, doable projects that I can take on. I saw these beauties and thought I could definitely make one for myself… maybe for indoors? Imagine a tiny little white yarn wreath with cream felt flowers… so cute, right?

I am positive that mine will not be nearly as wonderful as those from Itz Fitz’s shop but it has been fun so far. (I’ll post pictures when it’s done.)

. . .

Styrofoam Wreath (in your desired size. You can find these at any craft store.)
Dressmaker Pins
Yarn (in your choice of color and type)
Felt (or another fabric of choice)
Needle & Thread

Step 1. Attach the end of the yarn with one pin to the wreath form. Begin wrapping, tightly, around and around. Every four or five turns around use a pin to secure the yarn in place. (My yarn was very thin so it wouldn’t wrap as closely (you could see the foam from underneath) as I wanted so just used my fingers to push the yarn closer together and then would secure it with a pin.)

Step 2. Keep wrapping. Forever. This is a good project to do while watching tv as it does take awhile and seemingly mindless.

Step 3. When you get to the end, secure with a pin.

Step 4. Accent your wreath. Here is a tutorial from Martha Stewart on making your own flower. (You could accent with buttons or even just felt shapes in different sizes layered one on top of another.)
a. Photocopy template, enlarging or reducing as desired. Using template, cut out 4 petals from fabric.

b. Knot end of thread; sew a running stitch through bottom of petals, making 2 stitches for each.

c. Gently pull thread to gather petals, and knot thread.

d. Make 1 more stitch to connect last and first petals to form flower, then knot and trim thread.

e. Repeat, making flowers in a variety of sizes. Pin flowers to wreath in the desired pattern.

. . .

I would love to hear if you try this and if so, how it turns out! I’ll let you know how mine turns out when it’s all done!

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