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{Sunday’s Best}

My weekend may not have appeared so glamorous to the outside world, but to me, it was just perfect. Friday (our family’s day off, probably like your Saturday) had lots of highlights including a carousel ride, pizza from Mellow Mushroom, and Cars 2 with my sweet Andrew. I don’t remember much of Saturday except that I chased around my 16 month old most of the day… trying not to laugh at his defiance… he is just so cute, even when doing something he isn’t supposed to be doing! And then Sunday was an amazing day spent with my church family, including a pizza party celebrating 6 baptisms after church.

What did you do this weekend? I hope it was a great one!

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Maxi Dress// mine: Forever 21 (not online) pictured: here
Blue Rose Stud Earrings // mine: WalMart (not online) pictured: here
White Rose Bracelet // Forever 21
Yellow Handbag // Gift from my mama!
Silver Thong Sandals // mine: Traffic (not online) pictured: here

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