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happy fall friends.
You may remember this post from a little while back. I dug these bar stools out of the neighbor’s garbage. I simply sanded them down and gave them a fresh coat of paint that I already had on hand. 
They were cute but still looked a little unfinished for a kitchen/dining area. (I think they were designed for outside? Remember, they were free! And they do fold up which is kind of fun. :))
So my sweet friend, who has the BEST ideas suggested I cover them. Um, yes please! 
I took a little trip to JoAnn Fabrics and picked up this adorable orange patterned fabric. I took the legs off of the stools and added a layer of foam and then a layer of fabric. Then I staple gunned away. The entire project only cost about $10.00 and took about 4 hours (including sanding and painting.)

What do you think?
 I purchased the same fabric that I had recently used to do the before & after below.

I received this from a sweet lady at an antique store last November. I was tearfully looking through her store and realized quickly that I would not be able to afford anything there. She politely asked me what I was looking for (I am sure I looked a bit crazy… who cries in an antique store?!) I told her that on this day, 2 years ago my baby boy passed away and I was searching for a way to treasure his things. She instantly found this little box, that no one seems certain of it’s past use or purpose, and gave it to me with a tearful smile… it now has a new and perfect purpose; a home for all of Aaden’s little things.

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