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I LOVE our home. Really. It is a good thing that I love it so much because we will most likely be in this home for a looong time (until God calls my husband to plant another Aletheia somewhere….)

My only complaint (and it’s a super tiny one) is the lack of closet space and the unused space in the enormous laundry room. We bought this house for it’s ginormous living areas which are amazing for our family’s lifestyle…. but the closets are super tiny and I am reminded of that fact every time I put the boys clothes away in their shared 2 foot closet. It does work out because I am a ‘I-hate-clutter-anywhere-I-clean-out-closets-once-a-week’ type girl anyway. However, I still very much would love to have a designated linen closet. Right now our master closet triples as Asher’s sleeping area (i.e. pack-n-play for naps), our closet and our linen closet as well. So I got to thinking… one of the super advantages of our home is the super size of the laundry room. What about a laundry room makeover  to make use of all of the unused space in there?! I am thinking a couple cabinets and storage shelves would absolutely create that linen closet that I am dying to have.

I’ll let you know if I can convince my husband of such a necessity. 🙂

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