Virginia Part 4


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The last post of beautiful Virginia. Tomorrow we will start celebrating the holidays with some fun Thanksgiving recipes and table setting ideas!

On our last full day in Virginia we woke to about 4 inches of heavy, wet snow. It has been over 30 years since it has snowed in Virginia in October. Crazy! The boys had so much fun playing in the snow and building a snowman. So cute! We of course were not prepared for snow so the boys were stuck with pink gloves and snow boots from our sweet friends that we were staying with. Hilarious. After being out in the snow for about an hour, my little Floridian Drew comes inside screaming ‘my feet are bleeding.’ I guess he can’t remember ever experiencing such a fierce cold. haha.

We can’t say thank you enough to the Kiracofe’s (ALL of them) for putting up with our crazy family over that weekend. After we lost power we all packed up and headed to the grandparents’ house where we were met with the best soup you have ever tasted and a mound of grilled cheese sandwiches. And there might have been about a dozen tins of homemade cinnamon rolls as well. Let’s just say that the plan b for that day turned out pretty great. 🙂



And of course, we could not be in Sangerville, Virginia without taking a visit to Aaden’s gravesite. 

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