Goals for March.


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Last month, I created goals for the month of February. They were actionable and there were not too many of them. The overall goal being to create more accountability as I will post each month’s goals and then how I reached the goals at the end of the month. I will be doing a separate post (maybe early next week) on how my goals for February went, but overall it made the idea of reaching certain (seemingly impossible) goals manageable and I think it was a success!

Thank you to those of you who shared your goals for February with me! I can’t wait to hear how you reached those goals and what your goals for this upcoming month are!

For March:

You will notice that many of the wifey/mommy goals are the same. Those goals are pretty much a daily plea with God to help me tackle those and are unchanging. Until those things become effortless they will be my priority goals for those specific areas of my life.

Free Printable for You!
I created a little monthly goal printable for you as well (just click on the below image, save to your computer and print!). I left blanks for you to fill in four areas/roles in your own life. Use the space below the blanks to list out a few actionable goals you would like to pursue this month in each area of your life. It’s in a 5×7 layout so you could easily print it out, frame it and then place it somewhere that you would see it daily. This way you are easily being reminded of your goals through this next month.
I would love to hear about your goals for March and to see how you use your monthly printable!

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