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 Our family had a fun and busy weekend. We made our first trip to the beach of the season this Saturday and although this is a weekend wardrobe post, I am positive you do not want to see a photo of this prego in a bathing suit. 🙂
On Sunday, we had a great time worshiping together at church and afterwards Drew and I had some mommy hang out time while attending one of his friends birthday party.
For church, I paired a sleeveless empire waist dress (perfect to define a waist when you really don’t have one!) with a camisole, knee socks and boots. Silver accessories made the look complete.

I am still on the hunt for a perfect photo spot (i.e. not backlit) for these weekend wardrobe posts, so disregard the not so beautiful photo. 🙂 Can you believe how big my belly is getting?!?! ahhh.

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