Hello May!


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Dear Adelee,
Sweet little one, this is your birth month! Yippeeee! I get to meet you face to face in just a few short weeks. So, in reality YOU are my biggest goal for this month. I love you little one and cannot wait to hold you in my arms! 


* Personal: Reading

* Wife: Daily Prayer Time

  • When Aaron and I were first married we bought the book Night Light by James & Shirley Dobson. It is super simple but it is intentional in providing an avenue to read, pray and discuss with your spouse on a nightly basis. Just the other day, I saw our copy of the book sitting among a stack of books by our nightstand and was reminded of it’s intentionality. I am hoping we can add this as part of our nightly routine.

* Wife: Reading (Books Aaron & I are reading together… little by little.)

* Wife: Pre-Adelee List (Little activities and dates we want to do together before Adelee arrives.)

  • Family Trip to Busch Gardens
  • Beach Trip (or 2…)
  • Date Night (somewhere fancy…)
  • Mellow Mushroom (this family LOVES pizza!)
  • Bike Ride & Picnic at Park
  • Read Books

* Business Owner: Crazy List

  • I’ll be sharing the crazy list soon… hopefully there will be items checked off said list when I finally do share it with you. 🙂
. . . 

Your very own monthly goal printable is below. 
Just click on the image, save to your computer and print!

The blank spaces are for you to fill in four areas/roles in your own life. Use the space below the blanks to list out a few actionable goals you would like to pursue this month in each area of your life. 
It’s in a 5×7 layout so you could easily print it out, frame it and then place it somewhere that you would see it daily. This way you are easily being reminded of your goals through this next month.

. . . 
I can’t wait to hear your goals for May!

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