Our First Day of Summer.


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Today marks our first day of summer! 
I have been slightly fearful of this day, to be quite honest. The idea of trying to manage two very energized little boys all day every day for the next 3 months with a new baby in tow, and a husband who works from home (insert: must attempt to keep the house at a somewhat decent decibel level) seems very daunting… to say the least. So, I decided a few weeks ago that our summer would be intentional and purposeful, and not stressful. 
My first step was to create a daily schedule filled with fun, learning and rest time. We all do much better with a bit of structure and with the expectations laid out for us.
I spent some time researching and found lots of fun inspiration for summer fun activities, learning ideas, craft projects, recipes, etc. And now, armed with a plan, I am genuinely excited to face the summer with my two sweet and crazy boys!
Today was our first go at it and while not perfect I am sure it was more productive than if I had plopped the boys down in front of the tv all day.  🙂
Stay tuned for details on our summer schedule as well as fun activity and learning ideas! I can’t wait to share them with you… as long as baby Adelee prolongs her arrival just a bit more! 
For now though you can be inspired by The Happy Family Movement’s 2012 Summer Bucket List Challenge (I signed up and can’t wait to get the activity guide) and Village Church’s Summer Activity Book complete with devotionals and activity ideas for the entire family!

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