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Happy Friday friends!
This weekend I am hoping to tackle some fun diy projects (very hopeful about finishing up the handmade touches in baby Adelee’s room!)
One such project would be to add a bit of art and color to our bedroom. I love the master bedroom in our new home and I especially love our new bed, nightstands and dresser. When we moved in January I sold our bedroom set with the hopes of getting something that fit our style a bit better. We slept with the mattress on the floor for a few months until we finally decided on the bed we have now. I was kind of in love with the idea of a this bed but realized that a fabric headboard in a home where little ones are often wrestling and jumping and playing on your bed with their cute little sticky faces and hands might not be the best solution.
So we opted for the one we have now and I am super happy with our choice. Although the room is very bare (besides the art above the bed) it is a beautiful room with amazing lighting. I can see the room from our kitchen and it makes me smile when I peer in… the mark of a truly great space. 🙂

So, this week I was on the hunt (have been for awhile) to find a replacement accent chair for the one we sold when we first moved. I had not really been actively hunting (i.e. perusing craigslist every once in awhile) until I realized the other day that the little one growing in my belly will be here in less than 4 weeks and I have no where to feed her in the night. Although our previous chair was not our style and we both kind of hated it over the years, it was super perfect for feeding all my little ones throughout those long nights. Upon this realization of really needing a chair I scoured craigslist and really found nothing and then hit the shops on Monday morning. Much to my joy I found this little gem at Ross on clearance. LOVE it. Funny how it brings in the character of the original bed I wanted…

And now that we have that little beauty I want to actually decorate the rest of the room. Isn’t it terrible how making a purchase leads you to want more? ugh. I plan on spending no more money on decorating the rest of the room and instead plan on making some art and accessories to finish the space. 

Do you love it? 
P.S. The ottoman has storage space, perfect for a little changing station for baby!
I found this idea on Pinterest and think it could be perfect in conjunction with a few other pieces.
I love the idea of keeping neutral tones since our bedroom already has that feel. Lots of grays, tans, creams, and whites.
Do you have any projects you are working on this weekend?

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