Happy 5th Birthday Andrew!


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Happy Birthday sweet boy.
What a year it has been.
You started preschool.
Mommy cried your first day and as I drove away I called your daddy to let him know that you would not be staying there. I just couldn’t imagine you spending your days with anyone but me. Daddy lovingly and very patiently said, ‘well, let’s at least give it a week.’ Of course we did and of course you did great and of course your teachers were amazing.
You made great friends and learned so much.
I am grateful for your sweet little preschool and how they loved you this past year.
As a family we faced some pretty big stuff this year and as always you handled all the transition and confusion like such a big boy.
You became a big brother again and you are quite enamored with your little sister. Asking for her first thing every morning and getting irritated with me when I don’t tend to her right away when she’s crying. You are quite the little leader in our home as Asher watches every move you make and loves to follow your example.
And the biggest, most important and amazing event of this past year was that you became a Christian! You told daddy that you loved Jesus with your whole heart and that you wanted Him to be the boss of your life. And on January 23rd you prayed with daddy in the parking lot of your preschool to ask Jesus to live in your heart forever. 
My prayer is that you never know a day that you did not love Jesus,
that He grows you into a leader among leaders,
that you will one day love your wife and children well, pointing them to Jesus, 
and that He will change the world through you. 
Love you Andrew David Proffitt. 
You are an unbelievable blessing to your daddy and me (and so many others!)

p.s. As a new birthday tradition, each year we will be asking you the same set of 20 questions. We got a big laugh out of your answers this year and I am sure we will get some big laughs in the future too!

20 Questions Idea inspired by Reaves, Party of 4

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