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A little over two weeks ago God blessed our family with an unbelievable gift. 

Adelee Elizabeth Proffitt was born at 8:41pm on Tuesday, May 29, 2012. Her entry into the world was amazing and was marked by mommy and daddy laughing, crying and high-fiving… in big moments we tend to get really excited, thus the high-fives.

After months of praying and preparing for her arrival I never anticipated my heart could love another little one as much I love her. She has my heart.

My prayer for her is that God would grab her heart as a little child, that she would never know a day of not loving Jesus, that she would have the sweetest heart and spirit, that she would feel and display genuine compassion for others, that she would love and respect her brothers, that she would adore her daddy and think him her hero, and I pray that her and I will be the best of friends.

In her two short weeks of life I have learned so much about my sweet little gift, Adelee:
• She is a bit dramatic, just like her mommy, daddy and brothers
• But her cry instantly stops when mommy whispers in her ear
• She has the most amazing little pouty lips
• And the sweetest, most cutest nose (that is identical to her brothers)
• And the longest fingers and toes
• She wants to see what’s going on already, preferring to be up on my shoulder rather than cradled in my arms
• She is so very loved by her big brothers who ask for her first thing every morning
• And she is so very loved by her daddy who gives her about a million kisses throughout the day

We are enamored with our sweet gift and are praising God for her.

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