Weekend Snapshot: July 20-22


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 Weekend Snapshot // Outreach (as a family) on USF’s campus handing out icee pops to students | Busch Gardens (in the sweltering 100 degree heat!) for the afternoon. So MUCH fun! | Ice cream was the cool treat of choice post Busch Gardens (daddy ate Asher’s after we realized there was absolutely no waking him (note the head on the car seat.) | Happy 1st Birthday party to our sweet little friend Austin (guitar themed of course. and included the cutest guitar cake ever.) | Church family practicing the new set-up for our (the church’s) BIG move to the YMCA in two weeks. (this was done on Sunday evening after a looong morning of set-up and tear-down at our current facility for the Sunday morning service. i.e. We have the most amazing church family ever.)

What did you do this weekend?!
I hope there was lots of fun memories made (even if that included staying in your p.j.s all day. :))

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