Weekend Snapshot: August 10-12


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Weekend Snapshot
FRIDAY Swimming with a friend all morning = looong afternoon nap | Pizza picnic on the living room floor + a movie (Aaron & I enjoyed our own movie and the Olympics after all the little ones were in bed…. We are wondering if we should make this a new Friday night tradition :))
SATURDAY Family snuggle time in bed | Bible + great book + coffee while my boys were at the pool = great start to any day | Deep cleaned the house | Work work work on my business (re-launch) and products that will be launching soooo soon! | Breakfast for dinner made by my sweet husband |  Swings and playground
SUNDAY Church | Olive Garden with sweet family | Work work work while the family naps | Drew Learns How to Ride His Bike!!! On a whim Aaron decided to take off his training wheels. Drew got it in just a couple of tries. I guess he was ready! haha | FroYo This family likes any excuse to celebrate. So, in honor of Drew riding his bike we headed out for frozen yogurt (and did a few happy dances at his big success! haha) |  Olympics We stayed up super late watching the Olympics’ closing ceremonies. The boys got a big kick out of me singing and dancing to Spice Girls. | More work work work… Soon my friends! Very soon! 🙂

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