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Friends!!!! I am honestly beyond overwhelmed at your sweet words of encouragement over the past few days! Thank you for bearing with me during this process as it has been quite a long one. Already I have seen more sales in just 2 days than ever before!!! Yayyy!

[Photo: Vintage English Wedding via Hostess]

A year ago, when I attended Stationery Academy we did a little exercise to help us define our ideal client. The exercise was terribly hard for me as I was unsure of myself as a designer and a person. How do you define yourself and your ideal client when you have been looking at everyone else for that definition for so long? I remember writing a jumbled mess of thoughts and then being in awe as the ladies around me shared their beautiful words very confidently. I had the realization at that moment that I needed to get to that point, of confidently knowing who I was, before I could move on with my business at all.

How many of us fall into that cycle of looking at others for the definition of ourselves? I know, even now, that I have an enormous tendency to do this in all areas of life, as a wife, as a mother… I look to other women and try to emulate how they do life instead of allowing Christ to work in me and through me in the way He has designed me. Psalm 139 reminds me that I am uniquely wired, crafted, and designed with interests, capabilities, desires that are all my own. The point is to bring God glory and to minister to others in the way He has created me.

So the very, very beginning of this branding process started with a question: Who is Ashlee Proffitt?

I started with Pinterest (eeek! Love Pinterest!) and began building my Branding Board. Sweet friends of mine helped me even through this process -‘it should make you smile’ they said. So, every image I pinned to the Branding Board did just that, made me smile. It’s the same advice I give to my branding clients now. Build your board with things that make you smile! What a beautiful concept.

So the new brand started here, with a branding board and big smile. What do you think? Does this look like the Ashlee Proffitt you know?

To see more sweet things that make me smile, check out the about page here.

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