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Last year we attempted to go see a live nativity. Apparently it is absolutely amazing but with a wait of about 3 hours and 2 small little ones at bedtime we opted to try and sneak in (not kidding! we are terrible!!) Unfortunately, that did not work either so we left feeling a bit disappointed. I still really want to see one but this year (or at least on this specific advent day) we opted to create our nativity scene. We had so much fun doing this activity. We sat around the table all together as a family (minus baby Adelee who was sound asleep in her bed) and created our little masterpieces. We read our bible verses and talked about the details surrounding Jesus’ birth. It was really beautiful. Aaron’s nativity is my favorite and after I attach ribbon it will be turned into the sweetest little ornament for our tree.  I put together a few diy nativity ideas below just in case you also have a 3 hour wait at your local live nativity. 😉

Clockwise from top left
+ Simple Nativity Puppets by Bits of Everything
+ Popsicle Stick Nativity via What to Expect
+ Spool Doll Nativity by Holes In My Shiny Veneer
+ DIY Children’s Nativity by Today’s Fabulous Finds via Design Dazzle
+ Nativity Paper Dolls (Free Download!) by Design Dazzle
+ Clay Nativity (with detailed instructions for each piece!) by Then She Made…

I did this one with my boys. Super easy and free and perfect for those super little ones. You only need crayons, paper and a printer (for the free printable template.)

I REALLY want to make the clay set and even had big plans of doing so yesterday but opted to color with my boys instead. I hope you enjoy today’s activity and take the opportunity to point yourself and your little ones to Jesus!

Have fun!!!

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