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Below are a few super cute cards that are easy and inexpensive to make and your little ones can help too! I have listed the materials needed and brief instructions for making the cards. If you don’t want to make tons of these to send out to all your friends and family, these would be perfect for teachers, postal workers, hair stylist, etc.

+ Blank cardstock, cut to size (I used 8.5 x 11 sheet cut in half and then folded in half)
+ Tag Punch
+ Red Cardstock
+ Scrap Paper (From a hymn or old book)
+ Twine or Ribbon
+ Eyelet setter & eyelets (I was using materials I had on hand, you could easily substitute the eyelets for brads.)
+ Merry Christmas stamp (Mine is from Stampin’ Up, years ago, but any Christmas message stamp would work perfect.)
+ Martha Stewart bronze stamp pad

1. Punch tags in both red and pattern paper
2. Punch hole for eyelet through tags and card
3. Set eyelet
4. Wrap twine around eyelet and tie knot
5. Stamp with Christmas message
*Get your little ones involved by giving them the job of punching out the tags and/or stamping! Both are perfect for little hands who want to help.

+ Cardstock
+ Green Ribbon
+ Buttons
+ Hot Glue Gun & Glue (Normal craft glue is pictured but it didn’t hold, so use a hot glue gun instead.)
+ Glitter

1. Add one drop of glue and attach one end of the ribbon
2. Fold the ribbon back over itself and diagonal to the left. Add another drop of glue and attach the ribbon.
3. Fold the ribbon back over itself again and diagonal to the right. Attach ribbon to the card with the glue. Repeat this back and forth motion getting wider and wider making a triangle shape and ending when your tree is at the desirable size.
4. Glue buttons on your tree
5. Add a drop of glue on top of the tree and sprinkle with glitter
*Little hands will love adding the buttons (a.k.a. ornaments) to this tree. Just be careful with the hot glue!

+ Cardstock
+ Watercolors, paint brush, paper
+ Pencil
+ Scissors
+ Glue
+ Glitter
+ Christmas message stamp & stamp pad

1. Paint an ombre treatment on a piece of paper. This is relatively simple and would be fun for the little ones to try. An easy way to do this is to cover the entire paper with a color and then gradually keep adding paint to less and less of the paper.
2. After the painting has dried, draw a Christmas tree shape on the paper and cut out. You can do one, two or even a bunch of tiny ones.
3. Glue trees to the card
4. Add glue dots and sprinkle with glitter
5. Finish the card up with a Christmas message stamp.

+ Cardstock
+ Burlap
+ Snowflake Buttons or Charms
+ Scissors
+ Glue

1. Cut out rough Christmas tree shape from burlap
2. Glue tree shape to card
3. Glue buttons/charms to tree
*This card is perfect for little ones. If they are older they could even do the cutting and all the gluing by themselves! (with supervision of course. :))

I had fun making these (so did my boys!) and I hope you do too!

P.S. If you would rather order your cards, there is still time to do so. Take a peek at the Christmas shop to choose a favorite card design!

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