Advent. Day 7


Total Floor Area



Inspiration & Ideas
+ Red Ribbon Star // Let you little ones help you by hammering in the nails and wrapping the ribbon.
+ White Lights Star // Have your little ones place the sticks to make a star shape and then help you wrap the joints tight with twine
+ Glitter Votive (Resource not found) // Paint glue on the votive and then let your little helpers sprinkle on the glitter
+ Burlap Trees // After cutting the burlap strips, let your little ones glue and wrap around
+ Pom Pom Garland // Little hands can hand you the poms as you thread them. Letting them pick out the colors will be their favorite job!
+ Neon Pine Cone // Anything involving paint is a win in our house. You could even let them dip the entire pine cone in a cup of their favorite paint color. Do a bunch that way and after they dry you can fill a clear vase to decorate their own room.

Remember, your little ones want to help and they want to be involved. This is not about creating a perfectly executed diy masterpiece but instead about making memories!

Have fun!!!

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