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This life is a gift and every single day offers a new reason to celebrate. In our home we celebrate. A lot. We celebrate everything, the big and the small. The huge milestones and the seemingly mundane. My hope is that this view will keep our hearts in a posture of thankfulness, a constant reminder of the gifts around us.

When Andrew made the decision to be baptized I was immediately reminded of something I had read years ago (when Andrew was just a baby! Crazy how fast time goes!) in this book. The authors talk about the importance of celebrating your children’s spiritual journey and the milestones of their faith, such as the moment they ask Jesus to save them or when they make the decision to be baptized or when they share the Gospel with a friend. I most definitely want to elevate and celebrate my children’s spiritual journey even more so than a birthday or tball win or first tooth lost. So, I set out (quite impromptu I will add!) to make much over Andrew’s decision to be baptized. I wanted him to know and look back on this day as a very big deal, as something special and worth celebrating… worth remembering.

I created a little invitation for him and his cousin (who was baptized the same day! Praise God!) and gave them to his friends at school. I am sure they thought we were a bit strange, but what a beautiful opportunity to share the Gospel with a friend and a classmate!

Baptism Party Invitation | AshleeProffitt.comAnd then I set out to try and create a little party in just a few days. Only with the help of an amazing friend and fellow business owner, was I able to pull this off. Natalie (of Chic Sweets),you are as generous as you are talented!! Thank you for helping to make this celebration beautiful and so sweet. Literally.
Baptism Celebration Party | AshleeProffitt.comBaptism Celebration Party | Baptism Celebration Party | AshleeProffitt.comBaptism Celebration Party | AshleeProffitt.comBaptism Celebration Party | AshleeProffitt.comBaptism Celebration Party | AshleeProffitt.comBaptism Celebration Party | AshleeProffitt.comBaptism Celebration Party | AshleeProffitt.comI created a candy & dessert table with shades of blue and watercolor touches.

Dessert & Snack Menu
Rock Candy
Gummy Bears
Marshmallows on a Stick (Blue Dipped! Inspired by this post.)
Funfetti Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing & Blue Sprinkles
Popcorn (in little white bags with blue watercolor brush strokes!)

. . .

I added a backdrop of ombre balloons. I LOVE how this feature turned out. Big impact and SO easy to do!

DIY Ombre Balloon Backdrop
1. Purchase 8-10 balloons in several different shades of your party colors. I did 3 shades of blue, so about 30 balloons.
2. Have your husband blow them up as big as they will go. đŸ™‚
3. Sew them together (through the tied end obviously!) with fishing line
4. Hang at varying heights to create an ombre ‘wall.’

Seriously, the entire backdrop cost less than $10 and only took about 30 minutes to complete!
The additional benefit was that it could be done a day ahead of time (or more! Ours still looked good days later!) since I wasn’t working with helium. Yay!

Baptism Celebration Party | AshleeProffitt.comHere’s to grateful hearts that celebrate God’s gifts!!

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