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Branding Inspiration Board - Lindsay Fauver | Branding by Ashlee Proffitt
Say hello to the gorgeous inspiration for my latest branding client, Lindsay Fauver.

Although I really love the end result of a successful branding project, seeing the brand in action when all the pieces come together, I think my favorite part of the process might actually be those initial stages. That point in the process when my client realizes for the first time what they actually love and are drawn to aesthetically, the excited email response when we finally get it right, or the realization that they truly do have something unique to offer. It is an in-depth process that I take my branding clients through, and I challenge them to not settle. I want them to absolutely love their new brand and I want more than anything for that brand to be a perfect representation of who they are.

The branding board above is a beautiful representation of that process. After I completed the first inspiration board and sent it along to my sweet client, we chatted for a bit and decided it was all wrong. So we both went back to the drawing board. She did the hard work of studying herself and figuring out what she really loves and is drawn to. This final board is absolutely gorgeous and completely representative of her and her style. I cannot wait to share all the details of her branding journey with you as we wrap up this amazing project.

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