Mama Mondays: Valentine’s Day


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So a little over 6 years ago I became a mother for the first time. I was really good at the baby stage. I am good at tasks. Give me a job description and I am on it. I mastered feedings and sleep schedules and diaper changes like I had been doing it for years. And then my babies would grow up and at some point along the way I realized I am really bad at playing. I would rather clean and organize their rooms than actually play with them in their rooms. Sad, I know.

A few years ago I had this adorable idea for moms like me, create a simple little activity plan each day that would give busy mamas an opportunity to pursue intentionality with their littles. Simple, as in not complicated and requiring little to no prep time.

This idea has been on hold for the past few years and while I still want to further expound on this, creating a great resource for you mamas, I hope this phase of the project will be a blessing to you. My plan is to have a Mama Mondays post each week that will include:

  • memory verse
  • prayer topic
  • book (s) to read
  • craft to make
  • game to play

Again, my hope here is for simplicity. A creative but simple way for you to be a blessing to your children as you intentionally pursue their hearts. In true Ashlee Proffitt fashion there will be lots of free printables for you to use, and today is no exception! Hooray! I hope you enjoy the first installment of Mama Mondays!

Theme: Valentine’s Day / Jesus Is Love!

Memory Verse (Memory Verse Printable) Download and print your own. Keep it somewhere close and read it to your kiddos every day!

Ashlee Proffitt | Mama Mondays | Ephesians 3:17-19

Prayers To Pray
• That we would love God and love others. That we would know how much Jesus loves us!

Books To Read
• Most Of All Jesus Loves You by Noel Piper
• I Love You This Much by Lynn Hodges, Sue Buchanan

Crafts To Make (instructions & cute pictures below)
• Valentine Super Secret Message Hearts (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

Game To Play
• Tic-Tac-Toe with hearts! (Making potato stamps!)

Valentine’s Super Secret Message Hearts

I love this idea adapted from Craftaholics Anonymous. I incorporated a Bible verse and a few family favorite phrases.

Valentine's Secret Message Hearts | Ashlee Proffitt | Mama Mondays

Materials Needed

  • Cardstock / Heavy Paper
  • Heart Template
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrush
  • White Wax Crayon

Valentine's Secret Message Hearts | Ashlee Proffitt | Mama Mondays


  1. Download template from above
  2. Print onto heavy paper
  3. Write secret message on the hearts with white crayon (I wrote portions of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and some of our favorite household favorites like ‘Be a blessing.’)
  4. Let the kiddos paint away.

They will be unbelievably excited when they see the hidden message! My boys loved this!

Valentines Secret Message Hearts | Ashlee Proffitt | Mama Mondays Valentines Secret Message Hearts | Ashlee Proffitt | Mama Mondays “Captain America” loved this too.

I hope you loved this first installment of Mama Mondays! Check back next week for more Valentine’s Day fun!

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