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My husband spent a good portion of his life on the mission field. He would spend entire summers planting churches in the hardest of soils in places like Teruel, Cuenca and Sevilla, Spain. He has an enormous heart for Spain and Europe in general. We have supported and come alongside multiple church planters in Spain and in India. We have been blessed to get to know, spend some time with and now support the Valliquette family (pray for them!) who are church planting in southern Italy.

Our goal as a family and a church, is to get Aaron on the mission field at least once a year. (We really want to increase this to spending months out of our year as a family on the mission field. We are fervently praying for God to make that happen!) Last year he was able to spend some time with a couple church planters in Scotland and this year has an opportunity to travel to London to connect with, learn from, and equip other church planters and at the same time spend some time with our dear friend who is church planting in Italy.

How can you help you ask?

Oh well thanks for asking!!

I created a mini collection of art prints that are now for sale in my shop and ALL proceeds from this little collection will go to send Aaron to Europe. Our church is founded upon church planting and we believe wholeheartedly in taking the gospel to the nations and as a demonstration of that belief our church has committed to sending him (their pastor) on this trip. However, due to a really unfortunate circumstance that is very costly in nature I would love to help raise these funds for him so the church can allocate those funds elsewhere. I am convinced that there are tons of people out there that love Jesus and want to declare His glory to the nations and sometimes that declaration can happen by supporting others who can go in our stead.

If you would like to be a part of this missionary journey please take a peek at the shop and consider purchasing one of the prints featured below. I personally think they are amazing and a really beautiful reminder to have in our home or office.

This Gospel is not just for us, it is for the entire world.

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Thank you in advance for coming alongside and helping to support pastors and church planters near and far!


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