Dear Mama.


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Dear Mama | Just In Case I Never Told You. | by Ashlee Proffitt

Dear mom,

I realized this week that my oldest son is almost seven, the same age I was when you became a single mother. And my heart ached for you.

Even as a mother myself I can still only imagine the sacrifice you endured for us.

So, on this special day, Mother’s Day, I want to publicly honor the woman and mother you are.

You taught me to love sacrificially. You loved, without reward or recognition or even reciprocation at times and often through painful circumstances.

You taught me to put others first. Time and time again I saw you put others’ needs above your own.

You taught me to forgive. And to do so with a heart full of joy. Through the hardest of circumstances Jesus gave you a heart that miraculously forgave and I saw joy and laughter where, by humanity’s standards, there should have only been bitterness or hurt.

You taught me to work hard. I have never met a harder working woman than you. Through physical and emotional pain you endured. You never gave in or gave up.

You taught me about commitment and responsibility. And that those things are not necessary evils but a blessing. Thank you for teaching me how to cook, clean, plan a meal, host a party, do the laundry, grow a garden, be a handy-man!, and to see any and all tasks through to completion.

You taught me to pursue creativity. You are so talented mama, so creative and your abilities as an artist amazed me even as a small child.

You taught me to pursue dreams and goals without question. Your encouragement was constant and belief in my pursuits was unending. I’m not sure you ever questioned even one of my crazy dreams.

You taught me to value working with my hands. From the gardens you grew to the dresses you sewed or the pantry you filled, those hands could tell quite the story.

You taught me to savor and enjoy the moment. You enjoy life and I am thankful for that example (even when life was very hard.)

You taught me to be a thoughtful, intentional and very generous giver. You are just always thinking of others and then you display that love through generous giving.

You taught me to love the church. Thank you for bringing me to church, for valuing the body of Christ and for making the sacrifices I can only imagine you made to ensure that was a priority.

You taught me to pursue friendship. You love well and taught me that true friendships are invaluable and the pursuit of them, although painful at times, is so worth the cost.

You taught me to love family. You love granny and pa so much. Thank you for taking such good care of them. For loving them well and for loving your sisters and brother and in-laws and nieces and nephews and cousins and all of our enormous family so well. The sacrifices you made and still make do not go unnoticed. Your example is astounding.

Thank  you for being a mother who sacrificed beyond measure, who loved unceasingly, who worked harder than I will ever know, who endured loneliness and a hot-tempered, very strong-willed and oftentimes obstinate daughter.

Thank you for loving me and pursuing me and taking such great care. You are a picture of  Jesus to me, His unending love and sacrifice and pursuit of me. You are a gift.

Happy Mother’s Day. I love you.

p.s. Next week when I get to you hug you in person I’m taking you for a mani & pedi. xoxo

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