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How to Rock Arm Candy | by Megan Michele for
Arm Candy is a trend that we’re all just loving so much right now! There aren’t exactly any rules on how to style arm candy, which is the the fun of it all! But equally intimidating because if you’re anything like me, being more conservative when it comes time to wearing jewelry, the first thought is “where to begin?!”

So, here are a few suggestions that may help to inspire you as you rock your next arm candy look!

  1. Make sure they all fit snug so they’re not overlapping each other. And if some pieces are looser in fit than others, make sure to strategically place them so that they’ll stack nicely.
  2. Know your style, know your look and know your body type so that you can best replicate this trend according to what looks best on you.
  3. 3-5 inches wide is a good rule of thumb to stick to when stacking bracelets.
  4. Stay away from matchy-matchy, but rather aim for contrasting and complementary looks. You don’t want it to match perfectly, but you also don’t want it to be so random that it makes no sense, aesthetically.
  5. Stay away from pairing a delicate bracelet with only chunky pieces. Otherwise, it will get lost in the mix.
  6. Aim to have one statement piece with all the other pieces complementing that statement piece.
  7. Have fun with your look by mixing different materials, shapes and sizes.
  8. And lastly, if you stack lots of bracelets, let that be the focal area of your jewelry, but not wearing competing earrings and/or necklaces.
You can see a few of Megan Michele’s favorite looks below.

How to Rock Arm Candy | by Megan Michele for

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