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We moved to Florida a little over 5 years ago. We sold almost all of our furniture for that move and still packed the biggest Penske truck available to the brim. Upon our arrival we (more so me!) had the crazy idea that our new home had to be completely furnished (and perfectly decorated) for our little church planting endeavor to succeed. With no furniture and more square footage to fill this time I tried to maximize our budget by getting as much possible for the money we had; and the goal was to fill the house. Silly goal and now 5 years removed I wish I could go back to that girl and tell her to take her time, save and research and purchase pieces that were great quality, comfortable and would last for a long time.

Instead I went to every furniture outlet and warehouse in the area to score great deals. And that I did.

Except now, just 5 years later our sofas have been sat on by a countless amount of people (insert: we had our growing church in our home every.single.sunday night for the first year or so…) and are just worn out. They squeak relentlessly and you can feel the 2×4’s in the arms. So I am saving and researching and trying to find the sofa that will suit our family for years to come (and will hold up under the relentless jumping of 3 littles!)

Which one is your favorite?!

  1. Essex 
  2. Ainslie
  3. Chloe

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