Intentional Mama: Letter K


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Alphabet Focus

Memory Verse Printable | Letter K | by Ashlee Proffitt

Talk About / Questions to Ask

  • Ask: What does this Bible verse mean?
  • Ask: What does ‘keep’ mean? Why is that important?
  • Ask: What does ‘perfect peace’ mean?
  • Ask: What is the opposite of peace?
  • Talk About: Because of Jesus and the Gospel (explain Jesus’ life, death, burial and resurrection and all that means for those who believe) we can have peace! No more worry!
  • Ask: How can we keep our mind on Jesus?
  • Ask: What does it mean to trust in Jesus?

CRAFT: K is for Kite (Instructions 1 / Inspiration )

K is for Kite | Alphabet Activities | Bible Verse Printables | by Ashlee Proffitt


  • Show pictures of different types of kites (This website is super helpful!!)
  • Ask: What are the best weather conditions for flying a kite?
  • Ask: How does a kite work?
  • Talk about the wind! Fun Facts for Kids: Wind

READ (check them out in your local library!):

Activity 1 | Toilet Paper Roll Kite

Make a kite with simple household items like toilet paper rolls and plastic grocery bags or streamers if you have them on hand. (Instructions & Cute Example)

Activity 2 | Straw Blowing

Provide paper, paint, spoons and straws. Spoon paint onto paper. Encourage your little one to blow (out only!) through the straws to move the paint around the paper.

Activity 3 | Paper Airplanes

Use these patterns to make paper airplanes!

Activity 4 | Blow Bubbles

Blow bubbles. Make sure you do it with them. It’s amazing how much fun a little bubble-blowing can bring!


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