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Alphabet Focus

Memory Verse Printable | Letter L | By Ashlee Proffitt

Talk About / Questions to Ask

  • Ask: What does this Bible verse mean?
  • Ask: What does ‘love’ mean?
  • Ask: How can we ‘love one another’?
  • Ask: How did Jesus love us?
  • Ask: What are some ways we can show love to _________ (brother, sister, mommy, neighbor, friend, etc.)? List them out on a piece of paper.
  • Do: Spend a few minutes praying that Jesus would give you and your little ones hearts that love others as He loved us.

CRAFT: L is for Leaves (Instructions)

L is for Leaves | alphabet activities | Intentional Mama | by Ashlee Proffitt


  • Show pictures of different types of leaves (Simple illustrations of the different types of leaves here.)
  • Ask: Did you know that all trees, flowers, and bushes have different types of leaves?
  • Ask: Did you know that just like we have arms and legs and eyes, leaves have different parts?
  • Learn About Leaves!

READ (check them out in your local library!):

Activity 1 | Leaf Collecting & Rubbings / Drawings

Give your child a notebook and crayons and go on a leaf hunt. As they see interesting leaves, have them draw what the leaf looks like or make a rubbing of the leaf. If they are a bit older, have them note where they saw the leaf and any special characteristics about the leaf.

Activity 2 | Leaf Collecting & Sorting

Give your child a little bag and go on a leaf hunt. Pick leaves of all different types. Then, challenge your child to sort the leaves into categories (small and big, etc.)

Activity 3 | Leaf Painting

Provide paint and paper. Use the leaves collected in Activity 1 & 2 as paint brushes and paint with the leaves. You can even make the leaves into stamps!


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