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Health & Beauty: Skincare Edition | Megan Michele for Ashlee Proffitt
Since my 20’s are quickly coming to end, I’ve begun an introspective quest on how well I treat and maintain my body. Something that I’ve always been inconsistent with is my skin. I hardly ever use body lotion, it’s an unusual day if I wash my face at night and rather than making life easier by using eye makeup remover, I insist on scrubbing my eyelids during my showers. Recently I visited my regular make-up lady and she reminded me the importance of skincare products, especially because my makeup routine only consists of 5 products.

Most of us usually stick to facial moisturizer, but good toners and serums are equally important! So here are a few skincare lines that (when I am being consistent) I have had exceptional luck over the past few years! And yes, a goal of entering into my 30’s, is consistent attention to my skin!

Inexpensive Line:Oil of Olay
Toner | Serum | Complete Moisturizer

Moderately Inexpensive Line: Philosophy
Toner  | Serum | Moisturizer

High End Line: Chanel
Toner | Serum | Moisturizer

What am I using now? Chanel’s Gentle Hydrating toner, Philosophy’s When Hope is Not Enough serum, and Oil of Olay’s Complete Moisturizer.


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