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Children's Printable Memory Verse| Intentional Mama by Ashlee Proffitt

Bible Focus
  • Bible Verse: Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift. 2 Corinthians 9:15
  • Memory Verse Printable
  • Talk About
    • Ask: What does this Bible verse mean?
    • Ask: What does ‘Thanks be to God’ mean?
    • Ask: What does ‘inexpressible’ mean?
    • Ask: What is the ‘inexpressible gift’?
    • Ask: What are your favorite gifts?
    • Ask: How do you show thankful hearts for those gifts or when someone gives you a gift?
    • Ask: How do we show God we are thankful for His gifts?
  • Pray a prayer of thanksgiving together.

Children's Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities | Intentional Mama by Ashlee Proffitt

Thanksgiving Crafts + Activities
  1. Leaf Turkey
  2. Thumbprint Turkey
  3. Thanksgiving Worksheets
  4. Thanksgiving Word Scramble
  5. Thanksgiving Placemat
  6. Thanksgiving Mad Lib


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