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I met Lindsey last fall at the Inspired Retreat. We chatted over breakfast (the most amazing breakfast I must add) about business and family and boundaries and creating our own definition of success. I love those conversations. The ones where you are talking about all the things that really matter and setting goals to make sure those things happen.

I was thrilled when Lindsey contacted me some time later and we chatted about how we could work together to take her branding to the next level. Working with like-minded clients is a dream. Lindsey, you are incredibly talented and it was an absolute joy working with you on this amazing project!


Flourish Brand Elements by Ashlee Proffitt

We began with in-depth homework and a face-to-face (thanks Skype!) chat. We talked about goals and ideal client and all of Lindsey’s favorite things. Our goal was to create a brand that was warm and inviting while being refined, classic and timeless.



  • organic
  • natural & effortless


  • refined
  • classic & timeless


  • casual
  • warm & inviting



Flourish Brand Elements by Ashlee Proffitt

The primary logo and the variations we created are simply gorgeous and beautifully represent the inspiration above as well as the descriptive words. I love the hand drawn framing lines that provide the organic, natural feel in conjunction with the classic serif typeface. The hand-drawn script gives subtle hints of casual femininity and paired with the leaf icon we achieve a look that is timeless and inviting. We added a linen texture along with a watercolor leaf pattern to round out the primary brand elements. Patterns are my favorite way to bring in another layer of intentionality and personality.

All these individual elements really came alive in the collateral designs. We incorporated Lindsey’s love for lavender and created a slew of gorgeous pieces including a Look Book of her work and services, a letterhead template, welcome gifts, thank you cards, bridal gifts and so many more intentional and fun pieces to help her really love on her clients.

Flourish Brand Elements by Ashlee Proffitt

Last but not least we created a website that serves to beautifully display all the gorgeous work that Flourish creates. The site was designed to be minimal allowing the images to be the focus. Go take a peek and leave Lindsey and the Flourish team some love!

Flourish Brand Elements by Ashlee Proffitt



Branding by Ashlee Proffitt

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