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Say hello to the gorgeous Tallulah and Gray, a shop specializing in personalized jewelry that keeps your loved ones close and decor that turns houses into homes.

I spoke with Lindsey on the phone back in April and after just a few minutes I knew she was a perfect fit. She is creative and smart and passionate and the heart behind her shop gave me butterflies.

Lindsey, your heart is enormous and your talent just as amazing. It was a joy working with you. I pray your business and product line continues to bless you, your family and the lives of every single customer.

Tallulah & Gray Brand Elements by Ashlee Proffitt

We began with in-depth branding homework and then a face-to-face chat via Skype. We talked about the mission and vision of Tallulah & Gray, the heart behind the products, Lindsey’s goals for this shop as well as her ideal client. Our goal was to create a brand that made her customers feel loved, valued and important; that they were known and that they mattered.



  • free-spirit
  • natural


  • feminine
  • genuine


  • pretty
  • comfortable



Tallulah & Gray Brand Elements by Ashlee Proffitt

We started creating from this inspiration board and the brand words and lots of sketching. We did a few different rounds of drafts before we arrived at the final logo and I think the final result is simply perfect.

The collateral pieces had a specific mission, to remind the customer that they are loved and that they matter. My favorite collateral piece we created were the paper goods that get sent with every purchase; the details within those pieces make for the most simple and perfect way for Lindsey to communicate her care for her customers.

Tallulah & Gray Brand & Collateral Elements by Ashlee Proffitt

Lastly, and most importantly for this online boutique, we created an incredibly amazing shopping experience for her customers. Design my own jewelry?! Yes, please! Go take a peek!

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For details on how to win a Tallulah & Gray original hop on over to Instagram to enter to win!!

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