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The Branding Parlor | Affordable Luxury Pre-Made Brand Collections by Ashlee Proffitt

I believe that all Boss Ladies should have well developed, powerful, intentional and purposeful brands.

Well developed brands with thoughtful touch points and polished experiences make for a trustworthy client experience.

And trust is of utmost importance when you are starting a business. The livelihood of your business depends on a client looking at you and saying “I trust her. I’ll let her take care of planning my wedding day, creating my wedding day flowers, taking my senior portraits, creating my keepsake jewelry, executing my son’s first birthday….” No matter what business you are in, a potential client must trust that you can do the job and do it well.

A thorough brand experience helps to establish that trust; it communicates that you are a professional who is equipped to do the job at hand.

We can all agree that a strong brand experience is of utmost importance but when the business is only a baby justifying thousands of dollars on a logo just simply may not be an option.

I have a solution for you.

The Branding Parlor: affordable luxury branding for small businesses.

I have spent the last year creating 8 Brand Collections, each as unique as you and me. And I am so excited to finally share them with you.

The Branding Parlor exists to serve entrepreneurs who are just starting their business. Entrepreneurs who desire and value a polished brand experience but just cannot simply afford a highly customized brand design. The Branding Parlor does the work for you and provides a gorgeous brand collection to your inbox in a matter of days. No design skills necessary on your part, I customize all the brand elements and deliver to you ready to use.

The Branding Parlor provides complete brand experiences with thoughtful collateral pieces that will set your business apart early. Yes, you will receive a gorgeous logo but you will also receive an alternate logo and submarks and patterns and a color palette (complete with color codes so your colors will be consistent across all platforms!) You will have print-ready business cards, note cards, and even letterhead (a digital version too for contract templates, etc.) The best part? Each Brand Collection is super limited and will only be sold 5 times. No mass-sold brands here.

I believe in the entire experience, not just a logo. I want you to feel confident in the business you are building and sometimes a gorgeous note card with coordinating envelope and return address stamp can bring confidence like you never imagined.

For all the details such as the process and the package information read here. For FAQs read here.

And to shop, go here

Here is a sneak peek at the 8 Brand Collections! For full Brand Collection details head over to the shop! I would love to know which collection is your favorite! And of course, I can’t wait to take your business to the next level! 

[left]The Branding Parlor | Bright Elegance | Pre-Made Brand Collection by Ashlee Proffitt[/left][right]The Branding Parlor | Fresh & Nautical Pre-Made Brand Collection by Ashlee Proffitt[/right][left]The Branding Parlor | Graceful Luxury | Pre-Made Brand Collection by Ashlee Proffitt[/left][right]The Branding Parlor | Luxurious Black & White | Pre-Made Brand Collection by Ashlee Proffitt[/right]

[left]The Branding Parlor | Modern Love | Pre-Made Brand Collection by Ashlee Proffitt[/left][right]The Branding Parlor | Modern Rustic | Pre-Made Brand Collection by Ashlee Proffitt[/right]

[left]The Branding Parlor | Southern Beauty | Pre-Made Brand Collection by Ashlee Proffitt[/left]
[right]The Branding Parlor | Vintage Mod | Pre-Made Brand Collection by Ashlee Proffitt[/right]

All images are from the SC Stockshop.

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