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The Super Simple 2 Minute Make-Up Routine | by Ashlee Proffitt

Make-up is fun. Or at least I think so anyway. However, I don’t always (ahem, never) have more than a few minutes to get ready in the morning. Typically that is because I have packed my mornings with too many things… I digress.

I have mastered my make-up routine in such a way that I can currently be finished in about 2 minutes. If you are like me and like make-up (this is not a “you should wear make-up all the time” type of blog, you are beautiful with or without make-up!) but want to keep the process to a short amount of time, I have listed my tips as well as my exact make-up routine below.

  • Simplify. If you are busy or in a hurry or just not doing your make-up because you feel like it’s too complicated. Simplify your routine.
  • Clean Out. Throw out anything that is expired, broken or you haven’t used within the last month.
  • Organize. Keep your makeup tools, brushes & sponges separate from your actual make-up; it makes application go so much quicker when you aren’t hunting for your eyelash curler or blush brush.
The Super Simple 2 Minute Make-Up Routine | by Ashlee Proffitt
  1. Apply Foundation (Favorite | Inexpensive Option I use every day)
  2. Apply Translucent Powder
  3. Apply Blush (my new favorite!!)
  1. Curl Eyelashes
  2. Apply Eyeliner
  3. Apply Eye Shadow (A new favorite! I’m obsessed! Don’t underestimate the value of a good eye shadow!)
  4. Apply Mascara  (My favorite mascara for years. I have fine lashes and the tiny little wand helps to find them all, making my eyelashes look super full and defined.)
  5. Fill in Brows (This is a recent addition to my make-up routine and really finishes off my eyes. Worth the extra 20 seconds for sure.)
  1. Apply Lipstick (I love lipstick. It makes me feel fancy and beautiful even if I’m just bopping around the house. It really completes your look, even if it’s a nude or natural toned color. I have been using a clinique lipstick palette for a probably gross amount of time. But I still love it and I think it’s still sanitary. However, it is no longer for sell. This Chanel palette is almost identical to what I use on a daily basis. I love the versatility and ease of application!)
  2. Or Gloss (A new favorite! It’s not sticky and stays shiny for good amount of time!)


What is your favorite tip for keeping your make-up routine quick, efficient & beautiful?

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