Weekend Recap by Ashlee Proffitt Featuring: the Refresh Mug (shop.ashleeproffitt.com)

Happy Monday!

Here’s a little glimpse into our weekend!

Weekend Recap by Ashlee Proffitt | Salsa Lessons

  • One of my favorite date nights ever! We laughed so hard.
  • Comfy shoes are a must.
  • TIPDon’t take yourself too seriously. 

Weekend Recap by Ashlee Proffitt Featuring: The Starbucks Date

  • That red Starbucks cup is just my favorite and taking the kids for a hot cocoa date makes it feel a little bit more like Christmas.
  • TIPYou can ask for kid size, kid temp hot cocoa and it’s perfectly warm, not too hot!!

Weekend Recap by Ashlee Proffitt Featuring: the typical small business saturday = shipping orders!!3. HELPING MAMA SHIP OUT THOSE ORDERS!

  • I invite the kids into this work God has graciously blessed me with. I give them jobs like adding stickers to packages, stacking the packages by the door and then helping our sweet mail lady load them up into her truck! Read this post for more on inviting our littles into our lives and work.
  • TIP: Attention Small Shop Owners: invest in Shipstation & a Dymo Printer  it will make your life about a million times better. Promise.

ashlee-proffitt-fitzgerald-weddingashlee-proffitt-fitzgerald-wedding2 ashlee-proffitt-fitzgerald-wedding4 ashlee-proffitt-fitzgerald-wedding5 ashlee-proffitt-fitzgerald-wedding64. A GORGEOUS WINTER FLORIDA WEDDING

aaron-proffitt-aletheiatampa2 Aletheia Tampa | Aaron Proffitt5. ADVENT AT ALETHEIA

  • We celebrated 3 men being affirmed as deacons! Deacon is a just a greek word that simply and profoundly means to serve or to minister. These men love Jesus and love this church. What a blessing for this church planter’s wife to see this sight on Sunday morning.
  • Our Advent Series has been amazing! Listen here!
  • TIP: If you are looking for a church that loves Jesus and teaches the Bible, use this Find a Church search.

Our weekend held lots of good things this weekend, including amazing rest, homemade hot cocoa and two viewings of The Polar Express. Praying for your week to be filled with encouragement & beautiful inspiration!