3 Tips for Effective Time Blocking & Increased Productivity
3 Tips for More Effective Time Blocking & Productivity | Ashlee Proffitt


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3 Tips for More Effective Time Blocking & Productivity | Ashlee Proffitt

Time management is often a major reason why we as business owners feel unproductive or experience the “never enough time” syndrome. Time blocking is a remedy to that problem and Cal Newport’s theory is that “a 40 hour time-blocked work week, I estimate, produces the same amount of output as a 60+ hour work week pursued without structure.”

Many of understand and recognize the value of creating and using a time management system that creates better work rhythms but we often still fail to experience success in this area. Today I am sharing 3 tips that will make your time blocking strategy more effective on a daily basis. Watch the video below for more detailed thoughts.

3 Tips for Effective Time Blocking Strategy
  1. Remove Distractions. Determine what is distracting you or pulling your focus away from your specified tasks and work towards a solution that effectively removes those distractions.
  2. Detailed Tasks. When moving from one task to the next, make detailed, thorough notes of where you are leaving off to keep you easily and quickly focused when you come back to that same task later. This enables you to move quickly from one task to the next, not losing time having to remember where you originally left off.
  3. When Do You Work Best. When are you most focused? Most creative? Schedule your time and tasks appropriately.

Take a look at the video and I would love to know what your favorite tip for staying focused and on task is!

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