Meal Planning for the Modern Mama

Meal Planning Modern Mama | Eat Real With Me | 6 Healthy Meals in One Hour | Ashlee Proffitt

Every Sunday afternoon I pull out all my cookbooks and my handy meal planner worksheet and grocery lister. Then I spend a silly amount of time choosing the right meals for the week, overthinking what will work best for each night’s different schedules and simultaneously doing my very best to plan healthy meals with healthy ingredients. This […]

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February Phone, Tablet & Desktop Wallpapers

Wallpapers for Phones, Tablets & Desktops | Ashlee Proffitt | Free Download

January was crazy and full and a blessing in so many ways. FAVORITES FROM JANUARY Establishing new family rhythms & routines Establishing new personal bible study and quiet time rhythms Working towards big goals Launching lots of branding projects! (See a few here!) Learning my personal boundaries, how I work best, when I need rest, and […]

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Branding: Kid Theology

Brand Inspiration | Kid Theology | Equipping Parents to Disciple Children | Branding by Ashlee Proffitt

My husband started dreaming about this endeavor more than a year ago. He bought the domain name, created an email account and all the social media channels. And then he waited. He prayed and asked for God’s timing. Late last year he started setting aside specific time one night a week to just research, pray […]

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What I’m Reading in 2017

Book List 2017 | Ashlee Proffitt

One of my goals for 2017 was to read 12-16 books this year. But then I started making my book list and there were so many I wanted to read that I decided 24 in 12 months was feasible. My book list grew when I decided to tackle some classics as well as a few […]

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Branding: LSK Foundation

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation Collateral Designs | Branding by Ashlee Proffitt

There are dream projects and dream clients and then there are projects and clients that are more than a dream, they are an encouragement, a reminder of true beauty and the value of purpose and the value of pursuing a dream that helps to change lives. What a joy to work on such a brand with a group […]

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A Simple & Effective Quiet Time Routine

Tips for a Simple & Effective Quiet Time Routine | Ashlee Proffitt

Since my college days, specifically since fall of 2003, my heart yearns for daily time in God’s Word. Over the past 14ish years since then I have gone through many life seasons: from college student to engaged college student to married college student to barely-out-of-college-new-mama to church planter’s wife to working mama of 3 littles. No […]

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Master Bedroom Inspiration

Neutral Romantic Bedroom Inspiration | Ashlee Proffitt

Three years ago I posted this inspiration for our master bedroom. Unfortunately until about a week ago our bedroom still looked exactly the way it did 3 years ago. Thankfully we are finally making some changes and I am so excited. The old bed and dresser have been sold. New bed and room arrangement are in place. […]

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Branding: Stranded

The Stranded Shop | Dry Shampoo, Hair Powder | Developed by Lauren Scruggs Kennedy & Anna Chesson | Branding by Ashlee Proffitt | Illustrations by Kari Joy

  After almost 3 years of working on this amazing project with the most amazing ladies I can finally announce that it is finished and an amazing new product has finally launched. I learned so many invaluable things from the beautiful women who created this product and from my time working on this branding project. I […]

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