Mother’s Day Gift: Women In The Word

Mother's Day Gift Idea for the Christian Mama | Journal Bible + Prayer Journal = Perfect for Mama | Ashlee Proffitt

What better gift than one that says “I care about your soul. I care about your love for Jesus. I care about your time in the Word and I care about what you are learning about Jesus as you spend time in prayer and watch Him answer.” This is a gift that speaks of such […]

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Mother’s Day Gift: Framebridge

Mother's Day Gift + Framebridge = Perfect for Mama | Ashlee Proffitt

Mothering is often a relentless narrative of the immediate, the urgent, the right now. And we dive in with reckless abandon. Tackling every immediate, urgent, and right now need. But sometimes, with our eyes fixed only on the right now, we forget to see all the beauty of the before. We forget the memories and […]

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Mother’s Day Gift: The Perfect Silk Robe

Mother's Day Gift for the Stylish Mama | Silk Robe by Katherine Bignon: | Ashlee Proffitt Blog

When in the throes of the everyday, the breakfast making and lunch packing, the endless laundry and mountain of dishes, the cooking and cleaning and the listening and praying and the laughing and cuddling, sometimes a mama forgets how beautiful she is. And sometimes she just needs a little something that will make her feel […]

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Currently Reading


I LOVE reading. I grew up with my nose in a book at all times. As I’ve gotten older my love for books has not changed but my ability to finish books has diminished at best. One of my only goals for 2016 was to finish the books I start. I can say that having […]

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Spring Style for Kids


Obsessed with this Easter look I pulled together at the last minute (i.e. Saturday afternoon before Easter) for my littles. The boys shirts pictured were found on clearance at Gap Factory for $4.00 each, the shorts were from last Easter (yes!!) and the shoes they already had, clearly. Adelee’s shirt she already had and the […]

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Weekend Recap: Card Games + Easter Table

Minimal Easter Tablesetting | Pink Tablesetting | Ashlee Proffitt

Happy Monday! Here is a glimpse into our weekend (and a few of my favorite tips for you too!) 1. CARD GAMES WITH LITTLES I grew up playing card games and board games. One of 5 kiddos, these types of games provided cheap entertainment. And to this day I get all nostalgic when I think about […]

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Easter Eggs | Dye Naturally

Dye Easter Eggs Naturally | Tutorials | Round-Up by Ashlee Proffitt

Dying Easter eggs is one of my favorite things! And I’m loving these naturally dyed eggs; both for the gorgeous variety of colors and for the use of natural dyes versus artificial ones. I mean the range of colors from soft pastels to deep jewel tones? Yes, please. I rounded up my 4 favorite tutorials that […]

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Swimsuits & Insecurities

Lime Ricki Swimsuit | Ashlee Proffitt | Photo by Laura Foote

I have battled body image issues since I was 11. I remember my mom taking me to see a counselor as soon as she saw warning signs of my obsession. These issues start young and as a thin 11 year old, obviously these issues had little to do with how my body actually looked. A perfectionist […]

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