Master Bedroom Inspiration

Neutral Romantic Bedroom Inspiration | Ashlee Proffitt

Three years ago I posted this inspiration for our master bedroom. Unfortunately until about a week ago our bedroom still looked exactly the way it did 3 years ago. Thankfully we are finally making some changes and I am so excited. The old bed and dresser have been sold. New bed and room arrangement are in place. […]

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Branding: Stranded

The Stranded Shop | Dry Shampoo, Hair Powder | Developed by Lauren Scruggs Kennedy & Anna Chesson | Branding by Ashlee Proffitt | Illustrations by Kari Joy

  After almost 3 years of working on this amazing project with the most amazing ladies I can finally announce that it is finished and an amazing new product has finally launched. I learned so many invaluable things from the beautiful women who created this product and from my time working on this branding project. I […]

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Making Small Steps Toward Big Goals

How To Make Small Steps Toward Big Goals | Ashlee Proffitt

Big goals cannot be tackled all at once, they need to be carefully and thoughtfully broke into smaller bite-sized action steps or else you will never make any traction. Or at least that’s how it works with me. I am a perfectionist and that means I am often a procrastinator. Out of fear of not […]

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2017 Goals

Be A Blessing |2017 Goals | Ashlee Proffitt

We are a few weeks into the new year and I spent the last two weeks-ish thinking and praying over my goals for this year. I realize that may seem silly but I am a doer and a finisher and once it’s down on paper I have a hard time not finishing something, even when God is […]

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New Year Reset

Intentional Goal Setting with Your Spouse | New Year Reset | Ashlee Proffitt

Years ago my husband and I decided that we wanted to proactively and intentionally enter into each new year. We no longer wanted to arbitrarily create resolutions or goals or aimlessly walk into a new season. We wanted our marriage, our family, our friendships, our work, our ministry, our daily lives to be full of purpose and […]

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Family Photo + Gold Frame = Perfect Gift!

Framebridge Gold Frame + Family Photo + The Perfect Gift

In case you are a last minute shopper looker for the perfect gift, I have the most thoughtful, most meaningful and most perfect gift idea for you. There’s not much in this life more meaningful than a photograph. Precious moments captured for all of time, a gift to be treasured in the every day and […]

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Tips For A Worshipful Holiday

Tips For a Worshipful Holiday Season | Ashlee Proffitt

Last week I had the joy of joining 4 beautiful women as we each shared wisdom about what it looks like to experience a life-giving and worshipful holiday season. Too many of us allow the stress and chaos of the holiday season to seep into every part of our lives and days, turning what was meant to be […]

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Free Computer Desktop + iPhone Wallpapers | | by Ashlee Proffitt

FAVORITES FROM SEPTEMBER WORK PROJECTS: It’s been a full month of exciting branding projects and a really big personal project launching October 8 (go here to sign up for launch info!) I am so excited!! FRIENDSHIPS: Lots of coffee dates, breakfast dates and family dinner dates with friends this month. Pouring into these relationships has been so […]

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September Desktop & Phone Wallpapers

Free Computer Desktop + iPhone Wallpapers | | by Ashlee Proffitt

FAVORITES FROM AUGUST HOME: Back home after almost two months away!! The summer was epic but it has been so good to be back home! See a few peeks of our summer adventure here. STRUCTURE: Back to daily rhythms and schedules and structure. I just thrive with structure, anyone else? COMMUNITY: Back to consistent investment in relationships and […]

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