Inside Look: Logo Design


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Logo design and I have a very strong love/hate relationship.

I love when the final product is indeed final and perfect and both the client and artist are more than satisfied with the end result.

I hate the process of getting to that point. ah.

Sometimes I feel as though my brain just is not working and making myself be creative in between being a mommy to an infant and an almost three year old is quite the challenge…

Oh well. I am sure I am not alone in this.

So, with all that being said here is an ‘Inside Look’ at an identity system I am currently working on. I spent the morning sketching the fun drawings in the last image… now that was fun. Really. There is something really wonderful about having tracing paper and a perfect extra fine Pilot pen in hand.


Round 1 – Getting a feel for the style and look the client is looking for.

Round 2 – Sketching, sketching, more sketching. My hand hurts.

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