Chilly Chili Fest Review.


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Me with my sweet little one.
{photo by Erica Claxton}

This week seems to be going by just a little toooooo quickly… ah. Anyone else feel that way????

This past weekend we (Aletheia) held the 2nd annual Chilly Chili Fest. As I may have mentioned before, this is a tradition we carried from Virginia where they just held their 8th or 9th Chilly Fest… so fun.

This post is purely fun … and sort of my way to show off my amazing children and the fun we had this past weekend. hehe.

{photos above by Shay Cochrane}

. . .
And some fun photos of the Chilly Chili Fest.{photo by Erica Claxton}
Of course I have to include something about paper, right?
I made these cute little place cards that designated where people could drop off their food/drink contribution.
There were labels for the chili bar, the drink station, dessert station, plates/cups/napkins…
you get the idea.
It just helped keep things a little more organized… and cute of course.

{photo by Erica Claxton}
The bar of chili.
It is a chili cook off so each person attending gets a bag of 5 beans for voting for their favorite chili… to be dispersed as they wish. There are tasting cups for each pot of chili and the cups are numbered accordingly (this helps you keep track of your favorites), each pot then has a jar in front where you can do your voting.

It is sooo much fun. Seriously. If you don’t have a fall tradition you should start this one. đŸ™‚

Other festivities included bobbing for apples (hilarious), pumpkin carving, and making caramel apples. There was going to be a relay race that I was super excited about that would have included pushing a pumpkin without the use of your hands or feet BUT it got dark too quickly… next year.

And we will end on this gooey goodness…
{photo by Erica Claxton}

{photo by Erica Claxton}

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