Christmas Time!


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Hi friends.
Did you think I disappeared?


I understand, I have been MIA for about a week now.

I am sure you understand though, this is a busy time for everyone. I am so excited that I have a ‘holiday rush’… that means business is booming. đŸ™‚

I will (hopefully) be back tomorrow with the start of my Christmas series, lots of things to come!

Until then, enjoy some photos of my wonderful Thanksgiving visit to Virginia.
How was yours? I hope it was great!

{a random, beautiful, car found deserted in a field by my dad’s house.}

{so cute.}

{And the fun…}
{the fun adventures of Jon (brother-in-law) and Aaron (my husband)}

{they made me get in the car… it was fun.}

So my brother, David, is a fireman, we all think that’s pretty awesome…
especially Andrew.
We may or may not have hung out at the firehouse two (lengthy) times in four days. haha

{my other brother, austin, is a cheerleader/gymnast… and boy can he jump and tumble.}

{my cutie}

{madison (my niece) and andrew… my dad’s dog wanted in the picture too}

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