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I’m spending some much needed quality time with these three loves this weekend. I think there is going to be some bike shopping (yay for tax returns!), bathroom painting, lots of movie watching (Toy Story 3 is now on Netflix demand! Drew is already watching it as I write this….), and some napping. I can’t wait!

What are you up to this weekend?

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Here are a few links for your weekend downtime:

+I love these stripes and also love that it is the same color as my office. Sage Gray is the way to go.

+ Did I ever show you this before & after? I LOVE both of the items. Love them.

+ I think this is a super cute decorating idea for any party or shower.

+ I have a serious addiction to this lady, especially this post (maybe because it involves an invitation, a party, and decorations!) and I stumbled upon this too that is just a perfect and absolutely ingenious idea for little ones.

+ This branding is amazing. The final product perfectly communicates the business.

+ This is a great idea. Who is up for a design party? I need some critiquing!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday.

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