Weekend Wardrobe: Zebra, Tangerine, & A Twirly Skirt


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To say this weekend was crazy would be an understatement… of the year. To give you a sneak peak inside this crazy weekend I’m showing you a few of the wardrobe changes that took place.


We attended a beautiful, intimate wedding on the beach. Typically my husband is performing the ceremony but this time he only opened the ceremony with a welcome and prayer; that meant we got to spend the rest of the wedding and reception together. Sort of a date night?

The wedding was beautiful and the bride even more so. (I will be sharing a couple shots from the wedding later this week.) Praying for God to bless this beautiful couple with a marriage that glorifies Him.

I wore a sweet little (discontinued – I tried to find it for you!) Express zebra print tube dress that I found at Plato’s Closet for about $10.00. Yay! All the accessories, including the shoes (Nine West from Ross) were gifts except the bangles (from Forever 21).

{take note of the windblown hair}


Our church put on the biggest outreach activity we have ever put on before: Eggstravaganza. This was our first time ever doing anything like this and it was a huge success! Tons of people showed up for hours of Easter carnival fun; games, moon bounces, egg scrambles (our version of a hunt since there is no where to really hide eggs….) and prizes!

I wore a bright tangerine shirt sporting the title of the event with a pair of self-made bermuda shorts. I also sported a ponytail, sunglasses, sunblock, flat black sandals (from Tilly’s, listed below), a baby b’jorn and a sweet little thing I like to call Asher. We were twirling in this picture… he loves that! (I seem to also be wearing a tiny bag of popcorn on my right hand.)

{Easter Sunday}

“For God so loved the world,a]”> that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should notD)”> perish but have eternal life. -John 3.16

“Now the first day of the week Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb….” -John 20.1

There is a really, really long story about what took place at Aletheia yesterday, in regards to our Easter service that I will save for another day (or for my other blog). I will summarize the events with: God is in control and His plans are always better than what we have planned ourselves.

Just to give you an idea though, we had planned an outdoor Easter service and the below photo (please note Drew’s crazy face) was taken about 5 minutes before the heavens opened. My sweet husband, along with all the Aletheia leaders, musicians, and volunteers spent the rest of the evening serving in clothes that were soaking wet. (Imagine: jumping in the shower with all of your clothes on and then having to go work for the next 3 hours.) Only a crazy love for Jesus will drive you to keep going after an experience like that.

So, on a far less important level here is my Easter ‘dress.’ I wore a twirly chiffon skirt with an wide elastic waist from Forever 21 but I scored it from Plato’s closet for less than $5.00. I paired it with a lacy racerback tanktop that I have had so long I have no idea where it came from. I wore flat black sandals from Tilly’s (best little sandals ever, I have them in white too.) For jewelry I chose my go to silver dangly earrings, black beaded bracelet and bangles. Again, all the jewelry was gifted. (Just a side note, almost all of my accessories, including my cute handbags come from my mama. She always finds the cutest things and they arrive in the sweetest packages! Thanks mom. You are the best and I love you!)
Flat Black Sandal

. . .
What do you think? Which outfit is your favorite?
More importantly did you have a great Easter weekend?!

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