Inside Look: Firetrucks!


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I have had the wonderful opportunity to work on about a million different projects over the past couple months… I have designed everything from vinyl banners to printed books. It has been a crazy month! One of my favorite projects that I got to work on was a baby shower invitation for a future fireman. đŸ™‚ The above invitation was inspired by the below photograph of a real firetruck (my brother is a fireman and was taking my oldest son for a ride on the firetruck = the highlight of Drew’s life.)
Andrew giving some love to his Uncle David. So sweet.

. . .

I think the invitation is adorable and I can’t wait for the shower!

Danielle, I love you and it was blessing to be able to work on this for you and baby Okley.

. . .
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{Note – This invitation can easily be customized for your little one’s birthday as well.}

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