A Reprieve


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The last few days have been really sweet. We have spent time with my family out in the peaceful country. I grew up in a small town where there are fields and cows… and it is beautiful. This little reprieve has been wonderful, full of naps, laughs, and some card playing too.

I realized this morning, as I was anxiously trying to find something to do, that over the past 6 weeks of pure craziness I seem to have forgotten how to relax. haha. So, I read a book and went for a run. It was amazing.

The next few days will be a slight whirlwind but I am looking forward to those as well as we attend the 2nd annual Aletheia Network Retreat: Reflect.

A few inspiration shots from the country:

I’ll actually be back here early next week (back to the country I mean)
and I hope to get some photos of where I took my early morning run today.
(Insert: Gorgeous!)

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