Happy Birthday Asher!


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 Happy birthday sweet boy.
You are a delight to this family and never cease to make us laugh. 
Your favorite things include:
your brother Drew, your binky (pacifier), lolli-pops, hershey kisses, m&m’s… really anything with sugar, balls, blocks, and the always present light saber.
This year held some big changes for you. 
You got a lot more teeth so you began eating everything in sight. You have not stopped since.
You finally learned to walk. And shortly thereafter to run. I love your little run.
You got a new big boy bed to share with your brother. Now you sleep cuddled up next to your brother every night and I am pretty sure you both love it. We hear you laughing together almost every night.
Today I am praising God for you, such an incredible little boy.
My heart is full thinking about what a miracle you are and how fast the past two years have gone by.
Our prayer for you today and everyday, that God would turn your heart towards Him. That you would grow to love Him with all of your heart, soul and mind. That you would grow to be an amazing leader among leaders. That you would be both tough and tender.
Little one, we praise God for you and your amazing little personality and your love for life. 
May we treasure every crazy minute with you!
Happy birthday sweet boy!!!
 {Enjoy a year in pictures… in no particular order}
Sneaking into the pantry.
Loves marshmallows.

Learning to walk!

Silly boy.

I am obsessed with these three.

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