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My wardrobe over the past couple months has mainly consisted of sweats and t-shirts. Dressing my ever-growing belly has proved to be interesting this time around. My doctor swears I am not any bigger with this pregnancy but my clothes are not quite fitting the same as they did in previous pregnancies… or maybe this pregnancy is just flying by a bit faster than the other 3 so I keep forgetting that I should be this size. Either way, I bought my first pair of maternity jeans a couple weeks ago. Yes, first pair after already having 3 children. haha. 
My goal is to take a snapshot of my belly in said outfits from now on in the hopes of encouraging all of your pregnant ladies to dress those bellies in style. 🙂 But for this week my little wardrobe board will have to do (insert your own mental image of a watermelon under the clothes.)
Party Time! 
We celebrated Asher’s 2nd birthday on Friday evening. He had an absolute blast and so did we! I wore a kelly green strapless sundress that has more of an empire waist than the dress pictured below so it’s a perfect fit for a growing tummy. I paired it with green beaded earrings and silver bangles. Simple but cute (and it matched the party decor of course!)
Chilly Florida Sunday Morning
I took advantage of an oddly cool Florida morning by pairing a white collared shirt (last time I will be wearing it for awhile… barely got it buttoned!) with a navy sweater and skinny jeans for church yesterday. I added leather slouchy boots in a camel color and silver accessories. I liked the look and the thought it was preppy chic.

I found this adorable blog post on what to wear in your 2nd trimester (although I am entering my 3rd this week) and found lots of cute inspiration there. Whether you are pregnant or not, she has cute outfit ideas and hopefully you can find some inspiration too!

What do you think of the wardrobe choices? Would you wear these with a pregnant belly? 

What fun things did you get into this weekend?

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