Advent. Day 3


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This activity is pretty self-explanatory and simple too! It’s still important and part of the fun! Pick out your favorite Christmas decoration, position the family with said decorations, set up the automatic timer on your camera and smile away! Get creative and make it meaningful to your family including your favorite Christmas traditions in the photo. You could all have on your Christmas jammies or have mugs of hot chocolate or eating cookies with milk. This may seem silly but you will cherish these little photos (and sweet reminders of cherished traditions) for years to come. For a bit of amazing and super cute inspiration take a look at this photo shoot!

I will be updating this post later today after we do our own Christmas photo shoot!

Until then, enjoy a few of my favorite photos from our family photo shoot with the ever amazing Shay Cochrane.

UPDATE! Our family photo in front of our tree!! We had milk and cookies after to celebrate such an adventure. đŸ™‚

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