Advent. Day 5


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Today’s activity is my favorite. I love watching movies with my family! We try to limit the amount of tv consumption in our home so a movie is a special treat! I listed a few of our favorites below and the variety should give you at least a few options that are age appropriate for your family. Take the opportunity today to make much of the time you have been given with your family. Set aside some time today or this evening to be present for those that you love most. Turn off your phones and computer and bask in sweet giggles and snuggles. No matter how busy your day may seem, setting aside an hour or two to invest in what really matters is more than worth it. Make memories today with those that you love.

Favorite Christmas Movies:
+ Mickey’s Christmas Carol
Elmo’s Christmas Countdown
Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas
Arthur Christmas
+ A Charlie Brown Christmas
+ The Original Christmas Classics (Rudolph + Frosty)
The Polar Express
+ Elf
+ Home Alone

We will probably be making these treats (perfect for little helpers and they are the perfect combination of salty and sweet.) And a good movie is never complete without a bowl full of popcorn.

Happy memory-making to you!!

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