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Friends. Let me introduce you to my heart.

Photo by Shay Cochrane

My heart is for my family. For my husband. For my sweet and crazy boys. For my beautiful baby girl.

Our little family, probably not unlike your own, live this crazy life where we tend to hustle, hustle, hustle all day long and then collapse into bed just to do it all over again the next day. I suppose that often times this hustling is due to a lack of correct prioritizing and maybe misguided ideas as to what makes a ‘great mom’ or ‘great wife.’ (Listen friends, having your littles in every activity and rec league under the sun does not make you a ‘great mom.’ In fact, I would argue that makes you an exhausted mom who is unable to minister to your littles’ heart — which is far more important than their t-ball skills.)

But I also think that maybe, just maybe, its that we need a little reminder and motivation towards the pursuit of intentionality.

As wives, we need to be reminded to pursue our husbands. To spend time getting to know them. Every day. Spend time planning date nights and getaways. Spend time loving them the way they yearn to be loved.

As mamas, we need to be reminded to pursue our little ones. We spend all day, every day, meeting every physical need under the sun but maybe we just need a little reminder that the dishes can wait but their little hearts cannot. We need a reminder to stop what we are doing and cuddle in bed with them and read as many books as they want and giggle and talk and tickle and giggle some more.

I really just think we need reminders. Reminders to pursue the heart of the ones we love with intention. Every day.

I adore creating and providing ways for families to do that very thing. That was my heart in creating the Christmas Advent Calendar and our family was blessed to do that along with you this past Christmas season. And now I am so excited to show you a little work of love I am calling the Easter Advent Calendar. I made some tweaks to the format of the Christmas Calendar and applied it to the Easter Calendar.

It’s amazing friends. Really.

• 8 Days of Scripture Cards – Starting with Palm Sunday each card houses a focus verse (or two) as well as a daily devotion passage that you can read each day to help refocus your heart as you prepare for Easter Sunday.
• 12 Activity Cards – 11 activity ideas + 1 blank card (for you to do your own family tradition should you have one) These cards are separate from the Scripture Cards so you and your family have a choice as to what activity you do and fits your life best.

Each set also includes:
• 9 Envelopes: 1 Envelope for each Scripture Card (8 total) + 1 Envelope for the Activity Cards
• Yellow & white twine for hanging and displaying your set. Making this calendar the perfect Easter decor.
• And adorable mini wooden clothespins to hang each little envelope and card

Limited quantity available, so order yours today! SHOP

This is just one way to pursue intentionality with the ones you love. What are some ways you pursue the heart of those you treasure most?

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