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The first few months of 2013 were just plain crazy. CRAZY. Blessed and amazing but crazy nonetheless.

I really value the process of evaluating, vision casting and goal setting and although that was of high priority when I started out 2013 there just was not room in the days to make that happen. So I am doing it now. Better late than never.

I have the spent the past week really sorting through questions like:

  • what worked in 2012
  • what didn’t work
  • what the mission for my business is
  • what my vision is
  • how do my current products reflect that mission and vision
  • how does my daily schedule reflect that mission and vision

If I am being honest, it has been a hard week as I sorted through and attempted to answer those questions. I can very easily get caught up in goals that were not attained and begin to feel like a failure. I had to do a lot of resetting in that way of thinking and remind myself of all the amazing things that were accomplished and goals that were attained.

I am currently reading through a plethora of business savvy writers to help in this evaluation process as I plan for the remainder of the year, make big business decisions, and set strict boundaries around my business and the work that I do . One book that I am particularly excited about is The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee.  She is making all those things I hate about running a business somewhat appealing. 😉

The beautiful result of all that sorting and careful thinking is an excitement and passion for this business that God has so graciously given to me. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for the rest of this year!!

So, do you have a routine for regular evaluation in your life? This is a super helpful idea to implement into your marriages, friendships, parenting… asking yourself those tough questions about what’s working and what isn’t, what needs to change and what there needs to be more of. Spend some quiet time this weekend working through those questions for the different areas of your life.

And if you are a creative, pick up that book, I think it would be worth your while.


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