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I love parties. That is absolutely no secret. And I hope to share more party ideas and tips here in the future. I am by no means a master party planner but I really do enjoy all aspects of a great party, even the planning part!

I just threw a gorgeous pink & gold glitter party for my daughter’s first birthday (I can’t wait to share photos!!!) and I am currently pulling together all the details for my oldest son’s party (he’ll be 6!!!!) which is coming up in less than two weeks.

I typically have a pretty well organized system when planning all these little parties but its always just written out on paper. I thought it would be helpful to create a little checklist that I could print out each time instead of guessing as to all those little details that I would never want to forget… important things like cake and ice cream.

And just in case you are a little party planner yourself, I made one for you. Since all my parties are very different and I tend to DIY much of them verses BIY (buy it yourself ;)) I left lots of blank lines for filling in the necessary information for all I need to do, make, bake, cook, etc. Hopefully that is helpful for you as well!

Party Planning Checklist | Ashlee ProffittParty Planning Checklist | Ashlee Proffitt

Feel free to download and use as much as you like! Enjoy!

Plan Your Party Checklist

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